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Non-Invasive Fat Removal

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Dr Amy Vaughan is a cosmetic dermatologist in the Charleston WV area, who prides herself on offering a variety of non-invasive procedures. With  an office in Barboursville WV, she is well positioned to serve much of the Charleston WV & Tri-State community.

In the Charleston WV area, CoolSculpting® is quickly becoming one of the most sought after fat reduction treatments. Dr. Amy Vaughan, one of the top dermatologists in Charleston Tri-State area, frequently meets with patients who seek to improve their bodies using non-invasive procedures. Many people would be happy to perfect their bodies through exercise and diet, but unfortunately these measures cannot always eliminate stubborn areas of fat around the stomach, back, and love handles. While some invasive procedures can also provide effective fat removal, the thought of undergoing a painful procedure that requires anesthesia is not often a first choice for most patients. Fortunately, Coolsculpting® is a non-invasive procedure that is proven to provide effective, natural results.

Liposuction, a well-known procedure that can effectively remove fat from selected areas on the body, has long been the leading method of fat removal; however, with the introduction of new technologies that provide non-invasive fat removal, the procedure is being less frequently requested. Liposuction is an invasive procedure that requires the use of anesthesia and entails a certain recovery period afterwards. While liposuction can effectively remove fat from the body, the results it provides are not always natural looking. Coolsculpting®, on the other hand, is a truly non-invasive procedure than can reduce fat by an average of 20% in just one treatment. No part of the Coolsculpting® device enters the body and anesthesia is not required. It is a relatively pain-free treatment that requires no downtime afterwards. At most, patients report some swelling and minor bruising, but this disappears naturally in the days following the procedure.

Perhaps best of all, Coolsculpting® provides very natural looking results since it relies upon your body’s natural systems and processes to eliminate fat. There is no risk of fluid imbalance, as with liposuction, as the fat elimination process happens gradually and naturally, rather than all at once. During a Coolsculpting® treatment, the fat cells are frozen and destroyed as the device cools down the skin to the exact temperature required. At this temperature, fat cells die, but surrounding skin and tissue are not damaged. Once the fat cells have died, they will be gradually absorbed and eliminated by the body over the next several months. Some patients see the first effects of the procedure after just 3 weeks, but the full result will be seen within 4 months. Coolsculpting® works with your body to reveal a trimmer, leaner physique.